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Karisa Lomax • August 19, 2023

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Morning with the Monuments…

The Jefferson Memorial is one of the best places to have your engagement session done when in Washington DC, especially now that the Lincoln Memorial has been overtaken by construction (why oh why!!!). With the white marble columns and stunning views of the Washington Monument just across Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial is easily one of my favorite locations for a photoshoot in the DMV area.

V & B were so cheerful and friendly when I met them on this beautiful morning in mid August. Hardly anyone was around so we practically had free range of the entire memorial and the walkways surrounding it. They truly are such a classy DC couple, and they wanted their love for the city to show in their engagement photos as this is where they met! They were also set to move to a different state the day after this session this session was another way to not only preserve this era of being engaged, but to preserve the era of their time here in Washington DC.

If DC has a special place in your heart, you can’t go wrong with a session at one of the monuments or along the National Mall to showcase some of the most amazing sites to see when visiting the nation’s capital. If you’d like to learn more about having your session at one of the monuments, get in touch with me here so we can start planning!

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