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started from the bottom

My journey to entrepreneurship. 

When I was a kid, I remember cultivating this appreciation for the art of photography and I would daydream about growing up to be a nature photographer. From my very first photograph of a Powder Puff flower, I was mesmerized by the detail that cameras could preserve.

As I grew up, I thought to myself that it wasn't quite feasible to be a successful photographer, and so I turned to the medical field. It's always been a calling of mine to help others, so nursing was the perfect field for me. Or so I thought...

Fast forward to March of 2020: I was halfway through my orientation as a brand new registered nurse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. From the very beginning, I was thrown into this whirlwind of panic and fear of the unknown that came with this virus...

From frustration to freedom

Helping others in a different way.

For a year and a half, I worked on the COVID unit at my local hospital trying to navigate the complex world of nursing (which is difficult enough without a pandemic thrown into the mix). 

As time went on, I watched nurse after nurse walk away from the bedside. This stretched us thin and forced us into situations that made it almost impossible to provide safe and adequate care to our patients. I can't count how many nights I would go home riddled with anxiety and disappointment as I felt I could never do enough. 

Even after pursuing travel nursing for a year and still finding myself frustrated, overworked, and losing my empathy, I finally made the decision in April of 2022 to leave nursing. The best part? I haven't looked back since!

Since April 1, 2022, I have been helping others in a new way. Through the power of photography, I have helped to preserve the most precious and valuable moments in life so that others can treasure them for a lifetime and beyond. 

Karisa working on the COVID unit, 2020.

the best thing ever

I wouldn't change a thing.

One good thing that came out of the COVID pandemic is that I met my husband, Nick. We got married on October 21, 2022 and we have enjoyed every single moment! Even our own wedding photos  continue to inspire me to capture love at its finest.

My heart and soul treasures each moment captured on our wedding day, and I strive to give this same gift of documentary-style imagery to my couples so that they can look back on the small moments they may not have gotten to witness for themselves. 

Nick and I were long distance for about two years when he was stationed in Puerto Rico (thanks, Coast Guard), and we are over the moon that we are now living together as a family again here in Arlington, VA! Baby Riley (our golden retriever) is also very happy to be back with both mom and dad, as well as living in such a dog-friendly community. We even adopted another pup named Flynn since coming to the DMV!

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my biggest passion

Capturing today for the sake of tomorrow...

My time working as a nurse instilled something so deep in my soul that it made it a no-brainer to turn to photography when I found myself ready to change careers: Photos freeze time so that we can revisit our best memories when we need them most. 

I've heard so many stories from patients that usually ended with something along the lines of, "I wish I had a picture to show you."

We never know what tomorrow may bring or how well our memory will hold up against the test of time. Photos ensure that you never forget the happiest moments in life. Photos preserve the legacy of today so that it can be shared with the future. Photos allow us to show the world what is most important to us here and now. 

With my help and expertise, I'll be right there to freeze the best moments in life for you because that is what everyone deserves. And rest assured that each moment will be signed with love...

my favorite things

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Alright, we'll cut the sappy stuff for now. Here are some fun bits about me for you to know (not sure what you'll use this info for but hey, there might be a trivia question about me one day!).

milk chocolate




any kind of rose


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